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The Windsor has a significantly lower base price than the Valdoro. This is a very flexible floorplan for simple, yet significant floor layout modifications. If you like, delete bedroom #2 and redesign as you like to significantly increase the Master bathroom, closet, and some of the Master bedroom as well – your choice! Additional modifications are available as well. 

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Note: All photos on our website are embellished with optional upgrades, per the individual purchasers of each property. The standard house comes with all items referenced on the standard feature sheets, including specific budgeted line item allowances for cabinets, granite, flooring, etc.


It's very likely that we have several different homes in various stages of production that you can walk through, to see just how good our plans are and how well they're built.

View the Windsor Floorplan

Click to view/download a PDF of the Windsor Floorplan

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